Direct to Garment (DTG)

That is right you hear me! We can print literally anything directly into a garment. Imagine a desktop printer that can output durable photorealistic images directly onto your favorite shirt.  Our amazing Brother GTX prints directly on the apparel.

DTG printing is ideal for those wanting more color, higher detail, more customization and quicker turnaround times than screen printing.


How does DTG work?

A printer directly applies the ink onto the t-shirt with inkjet technology. It’s sort of like printing on paper, except on a T-shirt. A special printer prints the ink directly onto the garment in the desired design. DTG uses specialty water-based inks, which are absorbed by the fibers of the garment.

DTG printing produces a slightly more faded design with a single layer of ink, but with no limits on the number of colors you can use. There are some limitations that make certain color combinations difficult, though. For example, it can be tricky for digital printers to create designs with light-colored ink on dark fabrics and much more expensive so light colored fabrics work extremely well for DTG printing (whites are best)

The printer can only print one garment at a time, which makes it perfect for printing one-off t-shirts.


Things to consider

White shirts print really soft, as no pretreat is required. This makes for an extremely soft hand print, the same goes for economical "vintage print" on a light colored t-shirt.

Dark shirts, or with white ink on the other hand will require a pretreat, which is an additional step, and adds a few bucks to your order.

The pretreat is harmless and will wash out in the laundry, with no additional steps.

About your art

We accept all vectors. Good news is that we can also accept jpg, tiff and png files. Make sure your files are at a 300dpi resolution or higher (at full scale/at size) is preferred. Visual pixellation may occur if artwork is lower than this resolution.

Some of our favorite t-shirts for Digital Printing.

Roughneck 2001

Rectro Ring-Spun 2100

Cotton Perfection 3100

Karma Tee 3400SS



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