Screen Printing

 With unparalleled durability and value for money, screen printing remains the most popular choice for garment printing across an array of commercial and retail applications.

Particularly well-suited to larger runs of bold, high detail prints that consist of only a few solid colors, screen printing is the preferred choice for most of our larger print orders.

How does screen printing work?

Each color used in the design is printed separately with its own screen. This means your design must first be broken down into different layers by color. This is typically done using design software like Photoshop or Illustrator.

Next, a woven screen stencil is used to apply a single color of ink at a time — one stencil per color used in the shirt’s design.

The ink is pulled across the stencil using a blade or foam tool, producing a single layer of the design with full, saturated color and so on.

To make sure your art looks best visit our  requirements page.


Things you should know about screen printing

You have already learned that only one color can be applied at a time. Therefore, the number of colors on a t-shirt is limited, and each color requires more time, another screen and stencil, and ultimately, more money. That’s why screen printing is a good choice for simple designs with one solid color, and when you’re making many t-shirts of the same design at a time (eg. for a sports team, film festival, summer camp, or event).

It’s a craft that skilled printers have perfected over the years to produce great-looking, durable clothing. As a more labor-intensive process, screen printing produces beautiful, saturated colors and a distinctive, authentic appearance.

Things to consider:

  • Bold graphics or typographic t-shirts designs
  • Designs with just a few different colors
  • Larger batches of custom shirts with fast turnarounds
  • Prints are extremely durable and hard-wearing.
  • Not suitable for full color artwork, or photographic print, DTG is best.
  • Artwork with many colors incur higher set-up fees
  • Gradients and 3D effects do not translate well with screen printing.





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